No Ladders

by Amy Dagenais

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released October 4, 2013


all rights reserved



Amy Dagenais Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: No Ladders
Vs 1
If I only had a way
I would use that way
And find my way to You
If Heaven was a place down the road
Then you'd never see
See me come back home

No ladders are coming down
I have to stay on the ground

Vs 2
If I only had a plan
I would use that plan
And plan my way to You
Oh friend, you were made to join
The desire to be among the Son above

Ch 2
So fortunately,
No ladders are coming down
There's time to save this old town

So I'll wait when you come back for me
What a day of rejoicing that will be

If I only had a way
I would use that way
And find my way to You
Track Name: Great to Know
Vs 1
All that I was
My sin my shame
My guilt was all my own
No all that I am
I owe to Him
My gracious God alone

Vs 2
How sweeter still
It is to know
His undying love for me
Now crimson stains
Have turned to white
My pardon paid to free

Oh how great to know
Every burden and fear
He cares for you,
He cares for you
And every moment when
Doubt has crept in
Jesus will see us through,
Jesus will see us through

Vs 3
To trust Him indeed
Give all my heart
How little that I must give
Compared to life with hope and joy
And grace, that I may live (Ch)
Track Name: Rita
Vs 1
You were made to love
To give and to have
When the world had it's way
And charm has a place in the movies
But the streets, could lie every time

You keep look'n
You keep move'n
Oh Rita, please come home

Vs 2
So you took off to find what was missing in you
Ever after twisted the end
And all of the wise men and all of the fools
Couldn't put you together again

Ch 2
You keep lose'n
You keep want'n
Oh Rita, please come home

Let Him fix what was broken
Let Him clean out the shed of your soul
Let Him wrap you in finest garments
Let Him linger inside of your door

Oh Rita, Oh Rita
Oh Rita please come home
Track Name: Rejoice feat. Sebastian Demrey
Vs 1
Oh my soul has seen times of trouble
Those memories linger on
But oh how my soul has seen His Glory
So much more than the days of our mourning

Rejoice, Rejoice and again I say Rejoice
No more pain
No more sorrow
Rejoice, Rejoice and again I say Rejoice
Come just as you are and trust in Him

Vs 2
Oh my tears they have flowed like a river
Those eyes cast down to the ground
But oh, how those eyes have seen His goodness
So much more than the pain all around (Ch)

Vs 3
Oh how great is He who clothes our bareness
Transforms our soul to the purest white
Though trial may move the waves around us
So much more does the Savior come to fight (Ch)
Track Name: For the Good
Vs 1
Some days I don't understand
Why the good things, great things pass by
But I see it changing me
For the good, You are great to me...

You are good, woah
I'm holding to what I have been told
You are good, woah
I'm watching your promises unfold
And you are good

Vs 2
Some days I don't understand
Why the painful, bad things come
But I see it changing me
For the good, You are great to me... (Ch)
Track Name: Blue Jay (Grandma's Song)
Vs 1
I recall, when you spoke to me
You said life can be hard
But keep hoping you'll see
That there's life to be lived
And love to be had
So don't fret away your days

Jesus, He came for you
Don't throw him away
Cause He's the one to see you through
And He's do it again
He'd die for sinful man
Just to prove to you He loves you

Vs 2
And then one day
You sat with me
You said how are you holding
Boy I've been praying to Calvary
That He's more to you
Than just a good time or two
So please don't waste away your days
Because... (Ch)

Vs 3
Now that your gone
And robed in glories white
You said i'm wait'n here on you
So don't you play around in this fight
Then I'll see you again
And we can walk hand in hand
So just call out too the Lord
Because... (Ch)

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